The ISSC & the United Nations

The ISSC is very proud to announce that, following Rio+20, the ISSC has been formally appointed as a co-organizing partner for the Scientific and Technological Community Major Groups within the United Nations system.

The Major Groups structure, as designed by the UN, represents one of the highest levels of stakeholder engagement in an intergovernmental process. The structure was proposed in 1992 at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit), and its purpose is to enable the scientific and technological community, which includes, among others, engineers, architects, industrial designers, urban planners and other professionals and policy makers, to make a more open and effective contribution to the decision-making processes concerning sustainability, environment and development.

The move to formally bring on board the ISSC as a co-organizing partner within the Major Groups signals the ISSC’s growing visibility and status as the leading voice of social sciences on the world stage. And it goes further to secure a space for the social sciences within the UN system.

We are excited and pleased to have the voice of the social sciences included.