Networking Conference comes to an end

FoodFutures Group photo

The first Young Scientist Networking Conference brought together 30 inspiring early career research scientists and their more established scientific seniors.

Over the course of 5 short days, through many interactive sessions and bathed under the warm embrace of an Italian spring, our collective group of scientists — both natural, social and everything in between — laid out the future of the food we eat. Everything from regional perspectives, cassava, climate change, food waste, nutrition, insects, yoga, recipes, sustainabilities, the role of chefs, knowledege, transdisciplinarities, and future visionings, thrivability and transformations.

The organisers would like to thank Mary Scholes (University of the Witwatersrand) for convening, holding together, and providing the spark for this unique collection of young scienists.

The highly dynamic group, as a collective, came up with and identified the key priority research questions that are vitally needed to be addressed to secure the future of our food.

See you next year in Villa Vigoni!