Young Scientists publish commentary on food and bioenergy in the 21st century

Sigrid Kusch and Chijioke J Evoh, two early career scientists who took part in this year’s DFG/ICSU/ISSC Young Scientists Networking Conference on Integrated Science have published a commentary based on the “Food Futures” conference, in the September issue of Biofuels. They looked at the topic of creation of sustainable food systems within the necessarily wider context of a sustainable food-energy system, and highlighted a series of relevant factors.

Meeting the growing demand for food and bioenergy in the 21st century: synergies through efficient waste management

“To meet the needs of the 21st century, the creation of sustainable food systems has to be aligned with goals to reduce the use of nonrenewable energy, resilient ecosystems, social justice and economic development. There is a universal need for safe, affordable and reliable sources of energy. Advances towards more sustainable energy supply by decoupling resource use from economic growth is top of the agenda in many countries – hence renewable energies are given priority. Bioenergy potential varies across geographical regions around the world; however, as a general trend, the growing demand for bioenergy meets an increasingly land-intensive food consumption pattern.”