Montreal Resolution at the ISSC General Assembly

Several participants found it difficult or impossible to obtain their visas to travel to Montreal, Canada, to attend the ISSC General Assembly and the World Social Science Forum 2013 last October. The following resolution was thus proposed and adopted unanimously by the ISSC General Assembly on Saturday 11 October 2013:

This 29th General Assembly of the International Social Science Council — noting with grave concern the denial of temporary entry visas to some bona fide delegates to the Assembly and the 2nd World Social Science Forum which follows it, thus effectively preventing the free mobility of scientists to legitimately participate in their academic work at these global scientific events and which is contrary to Article 26 of the UNESCO Recommendation on the Status of Scientific Researchers of 1974 – resolves to:

  1. Uphold strongly our existing policy supporting the free circulation of scientists to all parts of the world for participation in scientific interactions;
  2. Ensure this free circulation of scientists to every event of the ISSC, its numerous members globally and its scientific partners;
  3. Include a firm statement on this question in the ISSC Constitution; and
  4. Obtain formal assurances from governments that visas will be issued in a timely manner to all bona fide delegates to our scientific and business meetings before ISSC agrees to hold an event in their countries.

Voted unanimously, 11 October 2013, in Montreal, Canada.