Transnational Institute Joins ISSC


The ISSC is pleased to announce the Transnational Institute of Policy Studies as a Member Institution.

For almost 40 years, the Transnational Institute (TNI) has been at the forefront of research and communications on the critical global issues of our time. With the world in the midst of a convergence of crises – economic recession, global warming, energy wars, food crises – TNI’s work is more relevant than ever.

The TNI carries out radical informed analysis on critical global issues, builds alliances with social movements, and develops proposals for a more sustainable, just and democratic world.

“I believe that the forces of wealth, power and control are invariably at the root of any problem of social and political economy. The job of the responsible social scientist is to first uncover these forces, second to write about them clearly, without jargon, in order to give ordinary people the right tools for action; and finally, recognising that scholarly neutrality is an illusion, to take an advocacy position in favour of the disadvantaged, the underdogs, the victins of injustice. This is what I think the tools of scholorship are for and this is how I have tried in my own work to use them”. Dr Susan George, President Transnational Institute, from an honorary doctorate acceptance speech in Madrid, 2007