Submit an abstract to the International Disaster and Risk Conference


Be part of the unique Davos spirit and submit your abstract for the International Disaster and Risk Conference IDRC Davos 2014! The 5th International Disaster and Risk Conference will take place from 24 to 28 August 2014 in Davos, Switzerland. Organised in close cooperation with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, the conference will serve UNISDR as the science & technology input platform for the post-2015 framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and provide recommendations towards the UN World Conference on disaster risk reduction in Japan 2015.

Scientists from various disciplines, experts and practitioners are encouraged to contribute to this process by submitting papers to the conference. Authors from research, industry, policy, UN and international organisations, civil society and the public are invited to submit abstracts within the overall framework of conference topics. These cover different risk areas, crosscutting themes and instruments. The deadline for abstracts is 28 February 2014. See  call for abstracts for more information.

The conference will gather together over 1000 participants including risk management experts, practitioners, scientists, key players from civil society, NGOs and the private sector. The diversity of participants will enable a strategic and operational level of discussion to ensure “the last mile” will be considered with key players from line ministries and disaster and risk management authorities.