Presenna Madhavan Arathi Awarded WZB-ISSC Global Fellowship

Dr. Arathi Presenna Madhavan is the latest Fellow of the WZB-ISSC Global Fellowship Programme.

She has been at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center since April 2015 and will spend six months researching “New reproductive technologies in the globalized context of expansion of the market and the retreat of the welfare state.”

The project focuses on exploring the key international players and the economic and social processes that underpin and constitute the network of the international bio-cell industry — and its relationship with the national/regional IVF clinics. The project, therefore, also entails understanding the regulative potential of international and national legal instruments and thereby of the importance of law as a social determinant of women’s health in developing countries.

Arathi is Associate Fellow at the Council for Social Development, New Delhi, India. She has a PhD in Public Health Law, and her main research interests include gender studies, health care law and regional modernity studies.

During her residency at the WZB, Arathi will be affiliated to the Global Governance research unit.

Through their Global Fellowship Programme, the WZB and the ISSC aim at contributing towards building a new generation of outstanding social scientists in developing countries who are willing and able to contribute to solving current global problems. The WZB-ISSC Global Fellowship Programme enables an outstanding early-career social scientist from a developing country to spend four to six months with the WZB.