World Social Science Fellow wins Patrick J. Welch award

World Social Science Fellow Franklin Obeng-Odoom has won the Association for Social Economics’ Patrick J. Welch Award for his paper ‘Africa: On the Rise, But to Where?’.

The Patrick J. Welch Award is given annually for the best paper published in the Forum for Social Economics journal. It was established by the Executive Council of the Association for Social Economics in 2012 and named for Patrick J. Welch, former editor of the journal. Award recipients receive a plaque and a $500 prize.

Franklin Obeng-Odoom is a World Social Science Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Property Economics at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. His background is in transdisciplinary research on sustainable urbanization that draws on the political economy of land and natural resources, agrarian political economy, political economy of the state, and the political economy of development.

Read the full announcement on the Association for Social Economics website.

You can read the paper for a limited time free of charge courtesy of Taylor and Francis.