Referendum on the extension of the Executive Committee’s mandate: 1 to 3 June 2016

Following the ISSC’s and International Council for Science (ICSU)’s executive bodies’ unanimous recommendation to members to merge into a single new organisation, the current ISSC Executive Committee requests an extension of its mandate for a period that will not exceed two years (until October 2018). The current ISSC Executive Committee was voted in with a three-year mandate – from the 2013 General Assembly in Montreal until the 2016 General Assembly in Oslo.

This extraordinary measure is in order to ensure continuity of leadership during the implementation phase of the proposed merger process. The vote on the extension of the mandate is not equal to a vote for the merger, or vice-versa. The discussion and vote on the merger will take place during the joint general assembly of ISSC and ICSU, on 24-25 October 2016, in Oslo, Norway.

The ISSC seeks to consult its membership on approval of the extension by means of an electronic voting procedure which will take place as follows:

Letter regarding the appointment of a Nominations Committee sent by ISSC President Alberto Martinelli to ISSC members on April 21 2016.

Communiqué on future relations between the ISSC and ICSU (released on 5 May 2016)

Letter regarding voting procedure sent by ISSC Executive Director Mathieu Denis to ISSC members on May 18 2016.

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