Transforming towards sustainability through learning


In the past few months, the T-Learning Transformative Knowledge Network (TKN) research teams have started engaging with communities who have an interest in transforming their situations towards sustainability through learning together in co-engaged ways.

The T-Learning TKN is one of three networks funded under the ISSC’s Transformations to Sustainability programme.

In Vietnam, T-Learning researchers have scoped potential sites and existing models of t-learning within the Mekong Delta that are tackling urbanisation, climate change, conservation and livelihoods. A report is available to download.

In South Africa,T-Learning researchers met earlier this month to reflect on how they were co-defining matters of concern across their networks. They discussed the processes, methods and personal reflexivity required to engage in co-defining matters of concern in diverse t-learning networks.

In Colombia, a transition lab focusing on scaling up transformative and experiential learning took place earlier this year in the Indigenous town of Atanques.

In Malawi, meetings were held with women farmers in order to explore the value of — and obstacles to — informal learning in maize cultivation, one of their main livelihood strategies that is affected by the regular drying of Lake Chilwa, where the T-Learning case study is being developed. The T-Learning research teams are tracking the emergence and processes of transformative, transgressive learning in times of climate change in these diverse contexts, hoping to learn more about such learning processes as these unfold across the TKN.

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