T2S Steering Committee Member, Hebe Vessuri, Awarded 2017 Bernal Prize

Every year, the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) awards the Bernal Prize to an individual for their notable contributions and achievements in the field of social science. It is with great honour that we congratulate this year’s recipient of the Bernal Prize, Professor Hebe Vessuri.

Professor Vessuri, who serves as a member of the Transformations to Sustainability Steering Committee, is a researcher at the Research Center for Environmental Geography (CIGA)-Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, emeritus researcher of the Center for Social Studies of Science in the Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC) in Venezuela, and principal researcher of CONICET at  the Institute of Human and Social Sciences in Patagonia, Argentina.


Hebe Vessuri

In their announcement, the Society say “A pioneer in the anthropology of science with fieldwork experience throughout Latin America, Vessuri has demonstrated how ethnographic studies of the sciences can inform both social theory and policy.  Her conception of national styles of science, peripheral science, and of the cultural role of science in less-developed countries have been particularly influential in Latin America, helping define STS in the region. Her analyses of the role of science in diverse societies speaks powerfully to issues at the heart of contemporary politics around the world.”


Click here  for the full announcement from the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S)