Global Challenges Prize 2017: A New Shape

The Global Challenges Foundation has launched the Global Challenges Prize 2017: A New Shape. This competition is a quest to find new models of global cooperation capable of handling global risks. It will award US$5 million in prizes for the best ideas that re-envision global governance for the 21st century.

The aim of the prizeĀ is to find models or frameworks for international cooperation, capable of addressing the interlinked risks and problems of climate change, other large-scale environmental damage, violent conflict (including nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction), extreme poverty, and expected continuing rapid population growth.

The competition is not looking for blueprints for solving the individual issues in question, or to avert specific risks. Rather, entrants should focus on designing a decision-making structure or framework that could galvanize effective international action to tackle these risks. The proposed model may encompass an entirely new global framework or a proposed reform for existing systems.

Last date for submissions is 30 September 2017.

Find out more and apply on the Global Challenges website.