Future of science: Voices from our partners

The first in a series of interviews with leaders from our international partner organizations is now available on our blog. Ahead of the October vote on ISSC’s proposed merger with the International Council for Science (ICSU), we asked a number of our partners to share their thoughts on the importance of our merger for a fast-changing scientific future.

We will publish this as a regular series between now and the historic joint meeting of our members in Taipei this October. If agreed, the merger will mark the culmination of several decades of debate about the need for more effective collaboration between the natural and social sciences, and drive new ways of thinking about the role of all the sciences in responding to the complex challenges of the modern world.

You can read the first in the series, on what science is essentially for today and over the next thirty years, on our blog. Find out more on the background to the proposed merger, and access information about the forthcoming joint meeting between ISSC and ICSU members here.