People on the Move: digital publication on global migrations

A digital publication, launched today, will bring together pieces from social scientists worldwide on global migrations – exploring past and present migrations in different regions, their drivers and implications, and reactions and responses to them.

Current global migration flows have become a matter of concern across all continents, and affect the welfare of millions of people — the migrants and refugees, those who stay behind, and the residents in transit and host countries.

This publication aims to continue the conversation on migrations that was started at the ‘On the Move’ conference held in Oslo, Norway, in October 2016. Stories address current challenges around migration and integration worldwide, and discuss policy responses and the role of science in addressing these issues. The publication launches today with pieces by Saskia Sassen and Anna Triandafyllidou, and will be updated over the coming weeks with pieces by social scientists from all regions of the world, and from across the disciplines, who draw on their research to contribute to a wider discussion about migrations, and the challenges and responses to them.

We hope that the publication will stimulate discussion, and comments are welcome. Join the debate at: