Hugo Ferpozzi awarded WZB-ISSC Global Fellowship

Dr Hugo Ferpozzi has been awarded a Fellowship through the WZB (Berlin Social Science Center)-ISSC Global Fellowship Scheme.

Dr Ferpozzi’s research focused on the recent emergence of neglected tropical diseases as public health concerns in traditionally non-endemic contexts, such as in Europe. His research focuses on the interplay between global health organizations, scientific research and policies at the national level in contexts where the ‘tropical’ or ‘neglected’ identity of these diseases is being reshaped and contested.

At the time of selection, Dr Ferpozzi was a doctoral researcher at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. His research at the WZB focused on some of the following questions: how are these diseases conceived of as problematic entities in Europe? What are the tentative political responses intended for both national and global health? Which discourses, representations, institutions, and identities are being engaged in these constructions? Which are being excluded?

Through their Global Fellowship Program, the WZB and the ISSC aim to build a new generation of outstanding social scientists with the ability to contribute to solving current global problems. The WZB-ISSC Global Fellowship Programme enables an outstanding early-career social scientist working and residing in a low- or middle-income country to spend up to six months with the WZB.