The aim of membership to the ISSC is to create a truly comprehensive representation for all disciplines and fields within the social sciences, and present a unified voice for the social sciences in tackling problems on the global stage. Membership to the Council is defined by the¬†ISSC’s Constitution, which states that submissions must be made in writing to the ISSC Executive Director.

The aims and objectives of members of the ISSC should be inline with the Council’s own mandate to strengthen the social sciences in all regions of the world. Ensuring a fledgling¬†representation of disciplines and¬†interdisciplinary fields in the social and behavioural sciences. The mission to advance the social sciences — their quality, novelty and utility — in all parts of the world.

To date, the Council counts over 60 associations, unions, national academies, research councils, institutions, and international non-governmental bodies, among its rank of members — representing subjects and disciplines across the social sciences.

To apply to become a member of the ISSC please download, fill and return the new membership form.