The Secretariat

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Mathieu Denis
Executive Director

Mathieu was appointed Executive Director of the ISSC in November 2015, having previously been acting Executive Director for Science. Mathieu holds a PhD from the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. He has previously taught history, political theory and industrial relations at Université du Québec à Montréal, and Université de Montréal. Mathieu Denis was a post-doctoral researcher on the 2010 World Social Science Report on Knowledge Divides, and later joined the ISSC in 2012 as Science Officer. Prior to joining the ISSC, Mathieu Denis worked as researcher at the Berlin Social Science Centre and the Canadian Centre for German and European Studies.

vivi stavrou

Vivi Stavrou
Senior Executive Manager

Vivi is a Clinical Psychologist and development worker with extensive experience in humanitarian emergencies and post-conflict situations as an international social development consultant and independent evaluator and researcher. Her areas of work include child protection, HIV and AIDS, social protection systems, psychosocial programming, mental health and Human Rights, gender, security sector reform, and public health programming.


Cleo Baskin
Administrative Assistant, World Social Science Forum 2018

Cleo provides administrative and organizational support for the World Social Science Forum to be held in September 2018. She has recently graduated with an MA in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Throughout her studies, she worked as a research assistant at her university department and provided analytical support for a counselling service. In addition, she worked in a neuro-rehabilitation unit at a local hospital and had a summer internship working on the psychosocial considerations needed in the development of Sri Lanka’s Transitional Justice mechanisms.

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Françoise Caillods
Senior Adviser, World Social Science Report

Françoise was the Senior Adviser for the World Social Science Reports in 2016 and 2013 and Senior Managing Editor of the World Social Science Report 2010. She is an economist and was deputy director of the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning from 2000 to 2008.

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Mayette Geronimo
Finance and Administrative Officer

Mayette studied in the Philippines and finished a degree in Business Economics in 1979. She worked for different companies in Accounting, Banking and Finance, before coming to Europe in 1989. She lived in Spain for over ten years, mostly working in the humanitarian sector. Mayette also worked with the Church with women and children, in particular helping poor and homeless people to reintegrate into society. In 1998, her family was transferred in Paris and she started at the ISSC in 2001 as part-time secretary, and eventually took on a full time permanent role as Finance and Administrative Officer.


Sarah Moore
Programme Coordinator, Transformations to Sustainability

Sarah manages the Transformations to Sustainability Programme, which aims to support transdisciplinary research on social transformation needs and opportunities in a context of global environmental change. She has a degree in English and German literature, and two Masters degrees – in Education Sciences and Science & Technology Studies. Before coming to the ISSC she was Science Officer for the Social Sciences at the European Science Foundation, coordinating international research programmes and strategic initiatives in the social sciences and managing the MERIL project (Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape).

Susi Moser

Susi Moser
Senior Adviser

Susi is a geographer by training (PhD, Clark University, 1997) and works as an independent researcher and consultant on climate change adaptation, social transformation, communication and science-policy interactions ( Since its inception, she has provided scientific and strategic advice to ISSC’s Transformations to Sustainability Programme on programme direction, and contributes to the conception and implementation of the programme’s various activities. Susi also served as a lead editor of the World Social Science Report 2013.


Anda Popovici
Administrative Assistant, Transformations to Sustainability

Anda provides administrative and organizational support to the ISSC’s Transformations to Sustainability Programme Coordinator, and ISSC Secretariat, and deals with queries from the public, and from ISSC members and networks. She has two Masters Degrees from Sciences Po Strasbourg, one in European and International Studies and one in European Policies and Public Affairs.
Before joining the ISSC, she did an internship as a Parliamentary Assistant at the European Parliament in Brussels.


Lizzie Sayer
Communications Officer

Lizzie is Communications Officer at the ISSC, and managed the publication of the 2016 World Social Science Report. She has a degree in languages, and joined the ISSC from the International Council for Science (ICSU), where she was Communications Coordinator in the interim Secretariat of Future Earth. She previously worked in communications at the University of Oxford and in public policy research.