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The Secreteriat Oct 2013

 The ISSC team, August 2013



Heide Hackmann Executive Director
Heide read for an MPhil in contemporary social theory at the University of Cambridge in the UK, and has a PhD in Science and technology studies from the University of Twente in the Netherlands. She has worked as a policymaker, researcher and consultant in the field of international science policy and management since the early 1990s. As ISSC’s executive director she represents the Council on numerous international committees and policy fora, and holds membership of several international scientific advisory committees.


vivi stavrou

Vivi Stavrou Senior Executive Manager
Vivi is a Clinical Psychologist and development worker with extensive experience in humanitarian emergencies and post-conflict situations as an international social development consultant and independent evaluator and researcher. Her areas of work include child protection, HIV and AIDS, social protection systems, psychosocial programming, mental health and Human Rights, gender, security sector reform, and public health programming.


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Françoise Caillods Senior Advisor, World Social Science Report
Françoise was the Senior Advisor for the World Social Science Report 2013 and Senior Managing Editor of the World Social Science Report 2010. She is an economist and was deputy director of the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning from 2000 to 2008.


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Mathieu Denis Senior Science Officer
Mathieu manages various scientific activities of the ISSC, in particular the World Social Science Forum, but also works closely with the World Social Science Fellows Programme team. He was a researcher for the World Social Science Report 2010. His background is in social and economic history.


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Laura van Veenendaal Programme Manager, World Social Science Fellows Programme


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Charles Ebikeme Science Officer
Charles is Science Officer on the World Social Science Fellows Programme which manages the ISSC’s role in global social science capacity development. Charles has a PhD in African Trypanosomiasis, and has worked for many years in the realm of tropical medicine from a drug development perspective. Charles works as a freelance science writer covering global health topics, and puts this to good use as the ISSC’s online and web editor. 



Louise Daniel Manager, World Social Science Report
Louise manages the editorial and production side of the World Social Science Report from conception through to final publication. The 2013 report was published by the ISSC in collaboration with UNESCO and the OECD; the 2016 report will focus on inequality and social justice. Louise has over 15 years experience in international development as a communications advisor, writer and editor where the priority is research uptake to inform policy and practice. She has worked in editorial and communications roles at the Insitute of Development Studies in the UK and the International Fund for Agriculture and Development in Rome and as a consultant and trainer. She is also Communications Officer at the ISSC.


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Marietta Hernandez-Geronimo Administrative Officer



Constance Bellonie

Constance Bellonie Administrative Assistant, Transformations to Sustainability Programme 



Anthony Gathier Administrative Assistant


TOUR 040

Federica Cozzio Intern
Federica works on the Ethnografilm Festival. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in film studies from Italy and she is now undertaking her masters in Cultural and Social Anthropology, with a focus on Visual Anthropology. She would like to become an ethnographic filmmaker.


OKUNO Briana Photo

Briana Okuno Intern
Briana works on the Transformations to Sustainability Programme and the Ethnografilm Festival. Briana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in French with concentrations in Management Studies and Film Studies from the United States and has worked in the field of human rights law. She plans to continue her studies in international sustainable development and policy with a focus on human rights.