Networking Conferences for Young Scientists


It is logical that the Grand Challenges of humankind associated with global environmental change call for an integrated approach of research and the consultation and acknowledgement of expertise from all faculties of the sciences. There is a need for the humanities, together with social and natural sciences to co-design international research programmes capable of solving future great problems. The Future Earth¬†Young Scientist International Networking Conferences was launched with the vision of a new social contract on interdisciplinary, integrated and, above all, innovative research that eventually help societies find answers to the problems of global environmental change —

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Villa Vigoni serves as the setting for this unique set of conferences on integrated science. Founded by the German Federal Republic and the Italian Republic, Villa Vigoni aims to foster the relationships between Italy and Germany in the fields of scientific research, higher education and culture, in addition to their impact in the economy, in the society and in politics.

As a unique conference centre, Villa Vigoni, on the shores of Lake Como exudes culture and history. It serves as the ideal location to¬†embrace different subjects — across the range of sensibilities — from the scientific to the contemporary to the artistic to the political. Villa Vigoni hosts scientific meetings, seminars, workshops for PhD students, round table experts, concerts, and debates between journalists.