Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability

The Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability, or “the Alliance” as it is known, is an informal international partnership that is committed to making full use of science and technology to inform equitable, sustainable solutions to the most pressing issues currently confronting humankind. It envisions a sustainable world where decision-making is informed by the best available scientific evidence and knowledge.

The flagship initiative of the Alliance is Future Earth, a 10-year programme of research for global sustainability. This initiative will bring together and build on the strengths of existing international global environmental change programmes and incorporate the outcomes of recent visioning and agenda-setting processes led by the Alliance members. Future initiatives that complement the Alliance’s flagship project, Future Earth, are likely; however the current priority of the Alliance is to ensure that Future Earth is successfully implemented. The initiative also responds to the call to the scientific community to support the implementation of the outcomes of the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20.