Call for Proposals

The Transformations to Sustainability Programme will issue two calls for proposals in 2014.

The first call, issued on 31 March 2014, is for proposals for seed funding – a possible 30 grants of €30,000 each – to help researchers prepare for the full call. The second call in December 2014 (revised date) will be for full proposals for Transformative Knowledge Networks of which a possible 3 grants of €300,000/year over 3 years will be made.

See first full details of the first call and programme description here.

Preparatory call for seed funding
The first call will be implemented by the ISSC and is intended to enable social science researchers and their knowledge partners to respond meaningfully to the call in October for Transformative Knowledge Network proposals. Up to 30 successful proposals for seed funding will be supported (receiving up to €30,000 each over 6.5 months). The deadline is 31 May 2014.

The seed funding will allow successful applicants to build partnerships with colleagues in other disciplines, fields and countries, to identify and establish contact with relevant communities of practice and stakeholders, and to engage with them as knowledge partners to co-design full proposals to develop Transformative Knowledge Networks. 

The call for seed funding is open to social science researchers from academic and other organisations with a strong focus on research, from any part of the world. The second call, in October 2014, will be an open call, i.e. not restricted to the recipients of seed funding.

Key dates – first call
Issue of call — 31 March 2014
Deadline for submissions — 31 May 2014
Funding decision — end August 2014 (revised date)

2nd open call for proposals for Transformative Knowledge Networks

Key dates – second call
Issue of call — mid-December 2014 (revised date)
Deadline for submissions — end February 2015 (revised date)

Funding decision — end May 2015 (revised date)

Contact details
Telephone +33 (0)1 45 68 48 60