Taibat Lawanson
Taibat attended the Quito Sustainable Urbanisation Seminar and has since continued research investigating urban liveability and the contradictions inherent in urban inequalities. Since Quito, she has gone on to publish three articles and a book on urbanisation.
Moises Linos de Silva
Moises Lino e Silva is an anthropologist who specializes on the topic of freedom and urban life. Since Quito, Moises has attended the ISSC’s World Social Science Forum and was an invited panelist at the ISSC’s General Assembly. He is currently contributing to a book devised and written by other Fellows at Quito entitled “Untamed Urbanisms.”
Carolina Adler
Dr Carolina Adler is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Environmental Decisions at ETH Zürich, Switzerland. She has written for the World Social Science Report 2013: Changing Global Environments. Carolina attended the seminar in New Zealand on Disaster Risk Reduction, and has now applied for seed funding to continue work developed at the seminar.
Simone Athayde
Dr Simone Athayde is an environmental anthropologist who has carried out extensive research activities in collaboration with Amazonian universities, NGO’s and indigenous organizations in the Amazon. During the seminar in New Zealand, Simone with other fellows, put together a proposal for creating indigenous knowledge networks and linking those networks internationally. In collaboration with other fellows from China and Mexico, as well as indigenous Maori researchers, Simone has submitted the proposal for funding.
Laura Pereira
Since attending the Networking Conference at Villa Vigoni, Laura has moved on from the Sustainability Science Program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and taken up a postdoc at University of Cape Town. Laura, along with other participants, authored a perspective paper on the outcomes of the conference — “A vision in transdisciplinarity in Future Earth: Perspectives from young researchers“ was published in the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development.
Timothy Karpouzoglou
Timos hails from Greece but is currently conducting research at the Stockholm Resilience Centre in Sweden. After the Networking Conference at Villa Vigoni, Timos attended the ISSC’s General Assembly and World Social Science Forum. Along with other guests Timos put together a concept paper for networking young scientists in the digital age. At the Stockholm Resilience Centre he has continued to network, inviting and hosting other researchers from the Food Futures Conference.
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