Documents for members

The ISSC is pleased to invite its Member Organisations, Member Associations, Member Institutions, Associate Members and co-sponsored programmes, as well as partner organisations, to the ISSC’s Extraordinary General Assembly that will take place 24-26 October 2017 in Taipei.

The Extraordinary General Assembly will start with a one-day meeting of ISSC delegates on 24 October, followed by a two-day meeting held with ICSU delegates on 25-26 October. The assembly will discuss the proposed modalities for the possible merger of ISSC and ICSU, and conclude with a vote on whether the proposed merger should go ahead. It follows the ‘in-principle’ vote in favour of a merger and the mandate to develop detailed transition plans made during the joint ISSC General Assembly and ICSU Extraordinary General Assembly, which took place on 24 October 2016 in Oslo, Norway.

Please find below a list of documents for the meeting to download. Hard copies will not be available at the meeting.

4th Extraordinary ISSC General Assembly
24 October 2017
The Regent Taipei, Taipei

List of documents

  1. List of participants
  2. Draft minutes of the 30th ISSC General Assembly in Oslo, Norway, October 2016
  3. Draft agenda
  4. Activities Report 2017
  5. a) ISSC Budget 2017
    b) ISSC Planning Budget 2018

Joint Meeting of the ISSC and International Council for Science (ICSU) membership
25-26 October 2017
The Regent Taipei, Taipei

JM/0. List of documents

JM/1. Draft agenda

JM/2. List of participants

JM/3. Minutes of the joint meeting of ICSU and ISSC membership in Oslo, October 2016

JM/4. Overview of decisions and voting procedure

JM/5. Draft high-level strategy “Advancing science as a global public good”

JM/6. Proposal for the development of a new dues structure

JM/7a. Draft Statutes and Rules of Procedure

JM/7b. Note on possible alternatives to draft Statute Articles 8 and 15

JM/8 REV1 Prospective Joint Annual Budget

JM/9a. Overview of ICSU assets

JM/9b. Overview of ISSC assets

JM/9c. ICSU Annual Accounts 2016

JM/9d. ISSC Annual Accounts 2016

JM/9e. ICSU Annual Accounts 2015

JM/9f. ISSC Annual Accounts 2015

JM/10. Legal mechanism, including draft Merger Treaty

JM/11. REV1 Proposals for the name of the new organisation

JM/12. Proposals from France and Japan to host the founding General Assembly in 2018

JM/13. Implementation roadmap