Event Agenda

  • Society and Nature – Dialogue between Natural and Social Scientists on the Challenges of Sustainability

    Starts: September 30, 2014

    Location: Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Description: ICSU ROLAC and ISSC will hold an international workshop on “Society and Nature – Dialogue between Natural and Social Scientists on the Challenges of Sustainability” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 30 September to 1 October 2014. Jacob Palis, President of Brazilian Academy of Sciences, ISSC Executive Director Heide Hackmann and ICSU President Elect Gordon McBean will open the program.

  • World Social Science Report 2013 Sao Paolo launch

    Starts: October 23, 2014

    Location: University of São Paulo - Av. Prof. Almeida Prado, Butantã, São Paulo, Brazil

  • World Social Science Fellows Taiwan Seminar

    Starts: November 2, 2014

    Location: Taipei City, Taiwan

    Description: http://www.worldsocialscience.org/activities/world-social-science-fellows-programme/seminars/sustainable-urbanisation-ii/

  • Bonn WSSR Launch

    Starts: November 3, 2014

  • Transformations Workshop Potsdam

    Starts: November 17, 2014

    Location: Potsdam, Germany

  • Sustainable Recovery? Rebalancing, Growth, and the Space Economy

    Starts: November 27, 2014

    Location: Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury, Coram St, London, United Kingdom

    Description: http://www.regionalstudies.org/conferences/conference/regional-studies-association-winter-conference-2014

  • Ethnografilm Festival 2

    Starts: April 9, 2015

  • Future Earth Young Scientist Networking Conference

    Starts: May 24, 2015

    Location: Menaggio Como, Italy

  • IGU Regional Conference

    Starts: August 20, 2015

    Location: Moscow, Russia

  • World Social Science Forum Durban

    Starts: September 13, 2015

    Location: Durban, South Africa

    Description: The third in the ISSC’s series of Fora, this event will take place in Durban, South Africa, in September of 2015, on the theme of “Transforming Global Relations for a Just World.”