Ethnografilm Festival: Q&A with director Wesley Shrum

In lead-up to the Ethnografilm Festival, we sat down for a quick Q&A with the director of the film festival, Wesley Shrum. Wesley is Professor of Sociology at Louisiana State University, USA, and president of the Society for Social Studies of Science.

How did you get the idea to organise an international film festival that includes academic films?

Wesley Shrum: I was talking with my friend and fellow academic, Greg Scott, who works at DePaul University, and it turned out that we had the same idea — namely, that we need a film festival and a video journal, or in other words — a film journal. There are all sorts of beautiful products coming out of ongoing research and investigations, and more and more academics are producing films as part of their research. However, by and large, people in the academic world still have the unfortunate tendency to think primarily of text, which has been the traditional mode of academic work for, I suppose, thousands of years. So the thought was that we need a platform in which to see those films, and that is what we decided to with the Ethnografilm Festival. We now have a journal and a festival, and we are very happy and excited about that.

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The first Ethnografilm festival will be held from 17-20 April 2014 at Paris’ Ciné 13 Théâtre. The film festival, sponsored by the ISSC, will screen a selection of diverse works by documentary and academic filmmakers. Ethnografilm seeks to enhance our understanding of the social world through film.