Future Earth launch community consultation

If the future of global change research were in your hands, what would you focus on? Identifying extinction hotspots, understanding the impacts of sea level rise, or investigating how cultural values influence perceptions of risk?

Future Earth has launched a community consultation to identify the most important and most critical challenges for global change science to address in the next 5 years. These challenges will be used to develop the Future Earth Strategic Research Agenda 2014 — a set of research priorities that will be co-designed with stakeholders from the funding, business and policy communities to help funders focus their resources. Following an initial solicitation of research questions from international science communities, an open consultation process has been launched to seek feedback on the priorities that have been identified so far, and to gain new ideas from global societal stakeholders of Future Earth.

You can contribute to the development of our Strategic Research Agenda by completing the online survey, which will remain open until May 13 2014.