Ethnografilm Festival: Asia Edition

This year’s Ethnografilm Festival held in Paris, co-sponsored by the ISSC and the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), showcased 89 short films screened over 30 hours from 42 countries (see map) on subjects ranging from working in a slaughterhouse in the United States to a girl in Mongolia who loves horses. The festival has recently showcased several films in India.

“A handful of documentary and academic films will be screened as part of the Ethnografilm Festival to be held at Lenin Balavadi today. Ethnografilm seeks to enhance understanding of the social world through films. ‘Crowning Glory’, ‘Eugene’, ‘El Dia Primera’, ‘Humanexus’, ‘Maturarul’, ‘Choreography’, ‘The Promised Land and Broken Promises’, ‘Woman Who Came Back’ and ‘Near the Mountain’ are the films to be screened.”

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