Bidding open for the 2018 world social science forum

The ISSC is pleased to invite you to express your interest in submitting a bid for the 2018 World Social Science Forum.

The global priority problems on which the ISSC focuses its energies are growing in their complexity and urgency. We live in a world where it has become increasingly difficult to disentangle the many social, political, economic, cultural and environmental crises we are facing. The challenge for the social sciences, and the other sciences, in helping society to understand and respond more effectively to these challenges is immense, ongoing, and increasingly urgent.

The ISSC convenes every three years a World Social Science Forum, a high-profile gathering of the world’s leading social scientists and their collaborators to focus scientific and public attention on the most pressing of today’s challenges, and to jointly seek innovative solutions. The Forums make special efforts to engage a wide range of key actors.

The ISSC invites proposals from interested parties for

Proposals in respect of theme/focus should be of a global challenge or convergence of challenges, of interest and concern to all global regions, to social scientists of all major social science disciplines; and to a broad spectrum of societal stakeholders

Download the call for expressions of interest.

Deadlines for submissions are:

Expressions of Interest with the subject line “EOI WSS Forum 2018″ should be emailed to

About the ISSC

The International Social Science Council is the primary global body representing the social, economic and behavioural sciences at an international level. ISSC’s mission is to increase the production and use of social science knowledge so as to address global priority problems.

The ISSC is an independent, membership-owned body which brings together over 60 social science associations and organisations across all regions, and across all major social, behavioural and economic science disciplines, to collaborate in a wide range of programmes. It partners with similar bodies in the natural sciences, in engineering science, and in the humanities, forming a global scientific network to collaboratively confront the major social challenges of our time.