Transformations to Sustainability Programme reveals water inequality in Kolkata

From The Times of India:

“A preliminary survey in ‘water-rich’ Kolkata and its fringes has revealed great inequity in water distribution. While the Kolkata Municipal Corporation supplies around 180 litre of filtered water supply per day to an average Kolkatan, pockets of population living along the east of the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass have no access to potable water though a water filtration plant is now operational in their backyard.”

The survey is just one of 38 new emerging research networks that cover the full breadth of the social sciences, with a unique focus on social transformation needs and opportunities in specific social-ecological settings across the world.

Project details:
Lead Investigator: Prof Adriana Allen.
Project Title: Translocal learning for water justice: Peri-urban pathways in India, Tanzania and Bolivia

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