Call for Nominations - Mattei Dogan Prize

The 2015 Foundation Mattei Dogan and International Social Science Council Prize
Excellence in Interdisciplinary Research

Call for Nominations for the 2015 Prize

This prize is awarded to a social scientist who has advanced the scientific knowledge in the social sciences, by crossing the disciplinary boundaries or by recombining different specialties, in his/her research and writings. It can also be offered to a team of scholars enjoying a high reputation in academic circles.

The amount of the prize is US$ 5,000.

By interdisciplinary research is meant one of the following interpretations: The first is a hybridization of specialties across disciplines; the second type consists in magisterial synthesis, which by opposition to narrow topics offers large perspectives or deals with impressive theoretical frameworks.

The prize is awarded exclusively on scientific and academic criteria. Nominations for the prize can be made by ISSC members, or other professional associations in various disciplines, as well as by universities and academic institutions.

The selection will be made by an international Jury.

Each dossier must include a complete curriculum vitae and a statement by the nominating organization that demonstrates the importance of the interdisciplinary scientific work of the candidate. The nomination must be in English or French.

The nominations are to be received at the ISSC Secretariat by e-mail

Deadline 13 June 2021