Vacancy - Educational Consultant

Call for an Educational Consultant (Part-Time) for a pilot project entitled  “Towards A New Generation of Social Scientists in the Arab Region”.

The proposed project aims to address a fundamental obstacle to the development of social science capacity in the region: the conspicuous lack of incentive and encouragement for smart and ambitious students to enroll in social science degree programs at university, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The pilot program will design interventions at the high school level as well as the first two years of undergraduate study. It will focus on providing two resources to the participants: information (including counselling and mentorship) and opportunity to a select number of students. These interventions will be tested and refined in this pilot phase and then integrated as on-going activities of the ACSS as well as the first phases of a longer 15 year program. The target at this stage is the individual student and others immediately connected to them, mainly parents, family members and teachers.

The Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS) is conducting a pilot program targeting high school students and undergraduates in their first or second year of university across selected countries of the Arab region, to introduce them to the social sciences and to educate them about these fields and potential career options. The ACSS will be collaborating with UNESCO on launching the project.

For more information download the job specification.

For those who are interested, please send your CV and a cover letter to

Deadline for receiving CVs is May 20, 2015.