Ethnografilm Asia to open in Thiruvananthapuram, India

The second Ethnografilm Asia opens on June 13th in Thiruvananthapuram, India, with a selection of films from the second edition of the Ethnografilm Festival which took place earlier this year in Paris.

This builds on the success of the first Ethnografilm Festival and Ethnografilm Festival Asia which premiered in 2014, and is testament to the energy and passion of the filmmakers, scholars and all involved in bringing together the diverse group behind the festival. Ethnografilm Asia is a collaboration with the Federation of Film Societies of India based in Thiruvananthapuram.

A selection of films will be shown on the main screen, with all films available on small screens. Following the festival in Thiruvananthapuram the films will also be shown as part of the Kochi biennale in Kerala.

Ethnographic film - “ethnografilm” was coined by sociologist and documentary filmmaker Greg Scott. Originally, an “ethnografilm” is one in which the rhetorical structure emerges from systematically collected ethnographic audiovisual data.  However the use of the term has expanded to include a broad variety of documentaries, including historical films, which have as their main purpose the systematic understanding of the social world. It has been broadly defined for the 2015 festival, yielding a huge variety of styles, formats, and themes. Most important, it has brought together a community of filmmakers and scholars to inspire and catalyze new collaborations for the future. The Society for the Social Studies of Science and the International Social Science Council have been instrumental in implementing the vision of a festival to celebrate excellence in movies that enhance our understanding of the social world.

Ethnografilm Asia will open at the Fourth Estate Hall Press Club, Thiruvananthapuram. Download the programme.