Herbert Docena takes up post on WZB-ISSC Global Fellowship Programme

Herbert Docena

Herbert Docena, a Filipino national currently undertaking a PhD in Sociology, has begun his fellowship as the latest Fellow of the WZB-ISSC Global Fellowship Programme.

Herbert Docena will commence his research at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, and over the next six months will focus and investigate “Transnational politics of climate change, particularly on the North-South dynamics of the climate negotiations and the construction of the global carbon market.”

His research will build on existing questions such as how national states react to global environmental crises and how they choose certain solutions over others and taking a critical look at interaction between governments and civil society actors in negotiating ways and means to overcome the global challenge to climate change.

During his residency at the WZB, Herbert Docena will be affiliated to the Global Governance research unit.

Through their Global Fellowship Program, the WZB and the ISSC aims to build a new generation of outstanding social scientists in developing countries with the ability to contribute to solving current global problems. The WZB-ISSC Global Fellowship Programme enables an outstanding early-career social scientist from a developing country to spend up to six months with the WZB.