Invitation to join the World Social Science Forum Global Village

The Global Village is a diverse and vibrant place to meet, share and learn from each other, and for communities to demonstrate the application of science and leadership.

Taking place alongside the 2015 World Social Science Forum, the Global Village is a space for networking, dialogue, displays and performances from across the world, where conference participants will be invited to see how research translates into community action. The Global Village is open to the general public and conference delegates and admission is free.

A vibrant cultural experience for delegates and the public

The World Social Science Forum 2015 will focus on the issues of inequality and justice as core concerns around which discussions about global relations must be structured. The Forum aims to contextualize the debates within the framework of a global order that is in the throes of multiple transitions (such as global economic crises, economic growth in the South, and changes in global governance) which in turn offer possibilities for multiple transformations. These complex transitions straddle the national and the global, meriting a closer look at what can be said about them in a general sense – and what is local and specific. Although the unfolding transformations are producing different degrees and dimensions of change, the central challenge to policy and politics is to ensure that they combine to produce just outcomes in the post 2015 global development agenda.

The village will be a platform to highlight communities working on issues around the conference theme, towards the aim of creating a memorable experience for conference delegates and the public living locally to Durban, and celebrating successful responses to inequality, both globally and within the Southern African region.

The global village will bridge areas of science, leadership and community, creating a productive learning and networking environment in which to focus on WSSF2015 themes such as:

  1. History, Trends and Patterns of Global Inequality
  2. Drivers, Catalysts, and Determinants of Inequality in the Global system
  3. Nature, Dimensions, Types, and Sites of Inequality
  4. Inequality, Poverty and Citizenship
  5. Ethics, Social Policy and Inequality
  6. Policies, Experiences, and Experiments in Combating Inequality; and
  7. Challenges and Opportunities for Overcoming Global Inequality

The village will provide a space which enables leadership, human rights, active participation and visibility of key populations (KPs), and will promote the value of intergenerational exchange to foster shared learning and counsel between people involved in the global response to inequalities.

Your invitation to become part of the programme

The WSSF2015 Global Village welcomes online submissions for the following types of activities:

To apply for any of the above listed opportunities to become part of the Global Village, please submit you your application on-line before 31 July 2015.