ISSC adds its support to Sustainability Manifesto

As COP21 begins in Paris, the ISSC’s Executive Committee has added its support to the Sustainability Manifesto published by the IASQ (International Association on Social Quality) and the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS).

The Manifesto calls for governments, universities and researchers to promote a sound understanding of multi-dimensional sustainable development, drawing on knowledge about all dimensions of human existence  in order to contribute to policies oriented towards sustainable development that strengthens social justice, human dignity, solidarity within and across societies and equal opportunities for all peoples of the world. It calls on governments worldwide to support the creation of academic ‘change-action’ centres that will develop and promote a comprehensive understanding of sustainability suitable for addressing the multidimensional effects of climate change.

The Paris Manifesto highlights the findings of the 2013 World Social Science Report, showing that gaps and fragmentation in our development towards sustainability arise ‘because environmental change is still viewed primarily in physical science terms, whereby the (interrelationships of) socio-environmental, socio-economic, socio-political and socio-cultural dimensions of sustainability receive insufficient attention’.  Inter- and cross-disciplinary research can help prevent the fragmentation of knowledge and fill gaps in our understanding of sustainable development, say the Manifesto’s authors.

In response to the manifesto, ISSC President Alberto Martinelli, writing on behalf of the Executive Committee, said

“We regard the current Initiative for Sustainability as an important effort to mobilize scientists around research platforms like Future Earth, which allow integrated approaches, incorporating natural, economic, social and cultural dimensions. We therefore call upon scientists and colleagues all around the world to support the Initiative.”

Read the full manifesto and add your support here: