African Futures and the Futures of Childhood in Africa - Call for Applications for laureates and resource persons

Apply by July 15th, 2016.

The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) has announced that its 2016 Child and Youth Institute will be held in Dakar, Senegal, from 17 to 28 October 2016.

Laureates and Resource Persons are invited to apply to take part in the Institute.

The Institute is one of the components of CODESRIA’s Child and Youth Studies Programme and is designed as an annual interdisciplinary forum in which participants can reflect together on a specific aspect of the conditions of children and youth, especially in Africa. It aims to strengthen the analytic capacities of young African researchers on issues affecting children and youth in Africa and elsewhere in the world.

The theme of 2016 Child and Youth Institute is “African futures and the futures of childhood in Africa”, and explores the interface between the future aspirations of children and versions of African futures in order to develop insights into how children are both living embodiments and prospective agents of social transformation in African societies. The 2016 Child and Youth Institute will be directed by Prof. Tatek Abebe of the Norwegian Centre for Child Research, Norwegian University of Sciences and Technology. Laureates and Resource Persons to participate in the Institute are currently being sought.

Resource Persons

Lectures to be delivered during the session are intended to offer laureates an opportunity to advance their reflections on the theme of the Institute. Resource Persons should therefore be senior scholars or researchers who have published extensively on the theme, and who have significant contributions to make to the debates on it. They will be expected to produce lecture materials which would stimulate Laureates to engage in discussion and debate around their respective lectures and the general body of literature available on the theme.


Applicants should be PhD candidates or scholars in their early career with a proven capacity to conduct research on the theme of the Institute. Intellectuals active in the policy process and/or social movements and civil society organizations are also encouraged to apply. The number of places offered by CODESRIA at each session is limited to ten (10). Non-African scholars who are able to raise funds for their participation may also apply for a limited number of places.

Full details about the Institute and application forms for Laureates and Resource Persons can be found on the CODESRIA website.

Applications should be sent electronically to CODESRIA by 15th July 2016.