Call for proposals: IPSA World Congress of Political Science

The Call for Proposals for the next International Political Science Association (IPSA) World Congress of Political Science, to be held in Brisbane, Australia, 21-26 July 2018, is now open.

Proposals for panels and papers on any subject within political science are welcome. The Congress Theme “Borders and Margins” will be featured in specially organised topical sessions and events. “Borders and Margins” are constitutive of crucial political processes and are therefore a focus for the international political sciences which study them. The Congress theme should be taken to include further perspectives including history, geography, international relations, international law, philosophy, sociology, political psychology, cultural studies, feminist and gender studies, queer perspectives, security studies and similarly engaged forms of scientific enquiry. In these fields there are crucial debates on sovereignty and identity, rights and obligations, just and unjust warfare and “interventions,” democratic theory and practice, and international governance, among other areas of concern.

Anyone can submit a proposal for a panel or paper. Proposers do not need to be a member of IPSA. If you do not currently hold an IPSA account, you will be asked to create one before submitting your proposal for a panel or paper.

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Key dates

Call for proposals opens 30 May 2021
Proposal submission deadline 10 October 2021