Founding General Assembly of the International Science Council (ISC) to take place 3-5 July 2018 in Paris, France

The first General Assembly of the International Science Council to be formed following the merger of the International Social Science Council (ISSC) and International Council for Science (ICSU) will take place on 3, 4 and 5 July in Paris, France. Members of the ISSC and ICSU have been informed by email, and more information about registering for the General Assembly will be shared in due course.

The first Governing Board of the ISC will be elected at the General Assembly, and ISSC and ICSU members will shortly receive a list of candidates proposed by the ISSC and ICSU Executives for the Elections Committee. Before the end of December 2017, the Elections Committee will issue a call for nominations for all positions on the new Governing Board (i.e. President, President-Elect, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and ten Ordinary Members).

In accordance with the Statutes and Rules of Procedure of the new council, a call for bids for the 2021 General Assembly of the ISC has also been circulated.

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