General Assembly

Since its foundation in 1952, the ISSC has held General Assemblies every 2 years. Following the constitutional amendment approved by the 2010 ISSC General Assembly held in Nagoya, Japan, the General Assembly now meets once every 3 years.

2017″Taipei, ChinaAlberto Martinelli (Italy)Mathieu Denis (Canada)
2016Oslo, NorwayAlberto Martinelli (Italy)Mathieu Denis (Canada)
2013Montreal, CanadaOlive Shisana (South Africa)Heide Hackmann (Germany)
2010Ngoya, JapanOlive Shisana (South Africa)Heide Hackmann (Germany)
2008Cape Town, South AfricaGudmund Hernes (Norway)Heide Hackmann (Germany)
2006Alexandria, EgyptLourdes Arizpe (Mexico)Ali Kazancigil (Turkey)
2004Beijing, ChinaLourdes Arizpe (Mexico)Ali Kazancigil (Turkey)
2002Vienna, AustriaKurt Pawlik (Germany)Leszek A. Kosinski (Canada/Poland)
2000Paris, FranceKurt Pawlik (Germany)Leszek A. Kosinski (Canada/Poland)
1998Paris, FranceElse Øyen (Norway)Leszek A. Kosinski (Canada/Poland)
1996Paris, FranceLuis I. Ramallo (Spain)Leszek A. Kosinski (Canada/Poland)
1994Paris, FranceLuis I. Ramallo (Spain)Stephen C. Mills (UK)
1992Paris, FranceCandido Mendes (Brazil)Luis I. Ramallo (Spain)
1990Palma de Mallorca , SpainCandido Mendes (Brazil)Luis I. Ramallo (Spain)
1988Barcelona, SpainCandido Mendes (Brazil)Luis I. Ramallo (Spain)
1985″Paris, FranceCandido Mendes (Brazil)Luis I. Ramallo (Spain)
1983Paris, FranceCandido Mendes (Brazil)Luis I. Ramallo (Spain)
1981Paris, FranceArthur Summerfield (UK)Samy Friedman (France)
1979Paris, FranceArthur Summerfield (UK)Samy Friedman (France)
1977Paris, FranceStein Rokkan (Norway)Samy Friedman (France)
1975Paris, FranceStein Rokkan (Norway)Samy Friedman (France)
1974″Paris, FranceStein Rokkan (Norway)Samy Friedman (France)
1973Paris, FranceStein Rokkan (Norway)Samy Friedman (France)
1972*Paris, FranceJean Stoetzel (France)Samy Friedman (France)
1971″Paris, FranceJean Stoetzel (France)Samy Friedman (France)
1970Paris, FranceSjoerd Groenman (Netherlands)Samy Friedman (France)
1965Paris, FranceSjoerd Groenman (Netherlands)Kazimiers Szczerba-Likiernik (Poland)
1961Paris, FranceDonald Young (USA)Claude Levi-Strauss (France)
1959Paris, FranceDonald Young (USA)Claude Levi-Strauss (France)
1957Paris, FranceDonald Young (USA)Claude Levi-Strauss (France)
1955Paris, FranceDonald Young (USA)Claude Levi-Strauss (France)
1953Paris, FranceDonald Young (USA)Claude Levi-Strauss (France)

” 1971, 1974, 1985, 2017: Extraordinary General Assemblies.
* 1972: Extraordinary Constitutive Assembly, during which the ISSC was transformed into a federation of disciplinary associations.
° From 2008 the post of Secretary-General was changed to Executive Director