A Scientific Committee consisting of key noted scientists and observers act as the guide for the design and implementation of the series of conferences on Integrated Science.

Over the last few years, the overarching international science bodies (ICSU and ISSC) have been involved in many consultative processes to design a new international framework for conducting integrated science that will have relevance at both the national and global levels. This framework is called “Future Earth”. It consists of three themes: The Dynamic Planet; Global Development and Transformation toward Sustainability and two important cross cutting approaches that Future Earth will foster, namely the co-design of research agendas with stakeholders and innovative communication models for high-impact research.

The objectives of the conference are:

Our programme is structured around the three themes of “Future Earth” as well as cross-cutting entities that go beyond those pillars. The programme is designed to give all participants an overview of the current status of our knowledge, an opportunity to interact in a very hands-on way and a session in which we will brainstorm and map the needed research future.