Alliance/Belmont Forum

The Alliance is an informal body that brings together those organisations that have established Future Earth. The Alliance will seek to extend its membership — via the establishment of an advisory group — to include leaders from international development cooperation agencies, foundations, civil society and the business sector.

The Alliance Future Earth


The Alliance’s mission is to encourage and facilitate the co-design, co-production and co-delivery of knowledge with relevant stakeholders in order to address and create solution pathways for global sustainability problems. The Alliance serves as a sponsor of Future Earth and was responsible for deciding on its initial design, as well as the appointment of its various governing structures.

The ISSC’s Executive Director represents ISSC on the Alliance and is currently co-chairing this initiative together with Tim Killeen (previously chair of the Belmont Forum and now Head of the State University of New York Research Foundation) until the end of 2013. The Alliance will be co-chaired on an annual rotational basis. It is currently supported by a small secretariat comprising staff from the ANR (France), NRF (South Africa) and SUNY (USA).


The Belmont Forum was established in 2009. It brings together a group of major environment and geosciences funding agencies; and serves as the Council of Principals of the International Group of Funding Agencies for Global Change Research (IGFA). Both ICSU and the ISSC are full members of the Belmont Forum. The Forum is currently chaired by senior officials from the ANR (France) and NRF (South Africa).

The Belmont Forum seeks to align national resources for global environmental change research in order to accelerate delivery of knowledge and capabilities; and to strengthen linkages between funding agencies and the international global environmental change research community. The Forum is developing a number of so-called Collaborative Research Actions (CRAs) in high priority areas such as Coastal Zone Vulnerability, Freshwater Security, and Food Security. CRAs are intended to support integrated research, bringing together natural and social scientists. The ISSC’s Executive Director represents the ISSC on the Belmont Forum, which meets on an annual basis.