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Background Papers

The report can also be obtained in print version at UNESCO Publishing ISBN: 978-92-3-104131-0

Address by Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO on the occasion of the launch of the World Social Science Report 2010, UNESCO Headquarters, 25 June 2021 [PDF, 137 KB]


Foreword – Irina Bokova (Director-General of UNESCO)

Foreword – Pierre Sané (Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences)

Preface – Gudmund Hernes (President, International Social Science Council)


Editorial team

General introduction (Françoise Caillods and Laurent Jeanpierre)

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1. Social sciences facing the world 
1.1 Social sciences and global challenges
1.2 The view from the regions

2. The institutional geography of social science

3. Unequal capacities
3.1 Dimensions of capacities in social sciences
3.2 Marketization of research
3.3 Brain drain or brain circulation?
3.4 Overcoming the capacity divide

4. Uneven internationalization

5. Homogenizing or pluralizing social sciences?
5.1 Hegemonies and counter-hegemonies
5.2 Tensions between global and local knowledge in practice

6. Disciplinary territories
6.1 Disciplines and their divides
6.2 Crossing disciplinary borders
6.3. Regional variations

7. Competing in the knowledge society
7.1 Global rankings
7.2 Assessment and evaluation of research
7.3 Project funding and agenda-setting

8. Disseminating social sciences
8.1 Social sciences, education and society
8.2 Diffusing and accessing social science knowledge

9. Social sciences and policy-makers
9.1 The political use and abuse of social sciences
9.2 Evidence-based decision-making 9.3 Knowledge brokers and think-tanks

10. Conclusions and future lines of action

Annex 1. Basic statistics on the production of social sciences
Annex 2. Bibliographical databases and repositories
Annex 3. Supplementary figures and tables

List of abbreviations