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Full Text World Social Science Report 2013: Changing Global Environments

Summaries in EnglishFrench, Portuguese, and Spanish.

A translation into Spanish of the full Report is published by CLACSO and available for open access download Informe mundial sobre ciencias sociales: Cambios ambientales globales.

Introduction, prefaces, table of contents

Key messages and recommendations Global environmental change changes everything

Part 1 The complexity and urgency of global environmental change and social transformation

Part 2 Social science capacity in global environmental change research

Part 3 The consequences of global environmental change for society

Part 4 Conditions and visions for change and sense-making in a rapidly changing world

Part 5 The responsibilities and ethical challenges in tackling global environmental change

Part 6 New approaches to governance and decision-making

Part 7 Contributions from International Social Science Council members, programmes and partners

Annex A Basic indicators on the production of social science research

Annex B Bibliometric statistics on the production of social science research