pppLaunching today, the World Social Science Blog, run by the International Social Science Council in Paris, is for our partners and members, for social scientists, natural scientists and other researchers, policymakers, funders, think tanks, and government agencies – indeed anyone interested in how the social sciences and other disciplines can contribute to social transformation and change for the better.

We want to to encourage debate and share opinions, best practice and innovative ideas related to social science - to transdisciplinary work and co-production across all sciences and with policymakers and practitioners. We are kickstarting the blog with a couple of pieces adapted from the latest World Social Science Report, Changing Global Environments. Produced by the ISSC in partnership with UNESCO and the OECD, we invite you to debate and discuss the issues and challenges to the social sciences raised in the report by the authors.

Have you seen this critique of the report from the editors of the Monthly Review? Perhaps it will inspire you to respond in a blog. Please share with us your thoughts, ideas and opinions on this or anything else related to the social sciences and we will ensure they reach a wide audience through our extenisve partners and networks across the world.

Please email report@worldsocialscience.org or tweet us @isscworld with your ideas or proposal. See our editorial guidelines and comments policy.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. […] The “Notes from the Editors” in the February 2014 issue of Monthly Review included an extended assessment of The World Social Science Report (2014) co-published by UNESCO and the International Social Science Council (ISSC). MR readers will be interested to learn that ISSC has just launched a World Social Science blog commencing with the MR editorial—now re-entitled “The Need for Eco-Socialism?”—and three articles mentioned in that piece—by Olive Shishana, Heidi Hackman and Susanne Moser, and James Murombedzi (see http://blog.worldsocialscience.org). Visitors to the blog are asked in its initial message to comment on MR’s statement on the status of world social science today (http://blog.worldsocialscience.org/2014/02/welcome-world-social-science-blog). […]


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