Next month this year’s Future Earth’s Young Scientists Networking Conference on Integrated Science will be held at Villa Vigoni Italy. The theme of this year’s conference is around notions of ecosystems services, human wellbeing and the green economy. The conference puts together 30 young scientists with around 10 senior scientists. In lead up to the conference in May, we asked our senior scientists for 10 must-see youtube videos on the green economy.


Kate Pickett & Richard Wilkinson: The Big Idea — Why Equality is Better for Everyone


Johan Rockstrom: Let the environment guide our development


Tim Jackson: An Economic Reality Check


Jennifer Clapp: Financialization and land grabs


Welcome to the Anthropocene


The United Nations Development Programme: Human Development Report 2010


Elinor Ostrom: Sustainable development and the tragedy of commons


Will Steffen: Introducing the anthropocene


Melissa Leach: Science-governance challenges in the Anthropocene


Garry Peterson: Human development in a “good” Anthropocene


Image by Martin LaBar via Flickr