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The ISSC participates in ICSU’s General Assembly in Rome

In the context of the increasing collaboration between the ISSC and the International Council for Science (ICSU), ISSC representatives, including its President Olive Shisana, Executive Director Heide Hackmann and Senior Executive Officer Mike Murphy, attended the 30th ICSU General Assembly, held between 27-30 September in Rome, Italy.

ISSC President Olive Shisana

President Shisana gave a speech for the occasion, available here. She also met with ICSU’s president, Prof. Yuan Tseh Lee, to take further the ongoing discussion on the need for greater cooperation between the social and natural sciences, especially in the field of global environmental change.

DFG President Matthias Kleiner

The ICSU GA also included a keynote address by Prof. Matthias Kleiner, president of the German Research Foundation (DFG), the country’s largest research funding body. Prof. Kleiner announced two new collaborative activities on Integrated Science:

  • A workshop on Integrated Global Change Research: Co-designing knowledge across scientific field, national borders and user groups, co-organized by the German National Committee on Global Change Research, ICSU, ISSC and ESSP, which will take place in early 2012 in Berlin. The workshop will discuss best practice to achieve the integration of knowledge on this topic, as well as the best ways to make it available to decision makers and society.
  • A series of three annual DFG-ICSU-ISSC Young Scientist International Networking Conferences on Integrated Science, to begin in 2012. The conferences will bring together young researchers and leading scientists working in the field of global sustainability from around the world. They will aim to foster their exchange and future collaboration, as well as to stimulate new innovative and integrated research on this topic.

Prof. Kleiner’s keynote address is available here.

More information on the ICSU’s General Assembly is available at

October 2011

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