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about the ISSC


The ISSC is governed by a General Assembly, which comprises the Council’s membership. The General Assembly meets every three years to review the Council’s activities and determine the general direction of its future work.

The ISSC Executive Committee is elected by the General Assembly and meets twice a year. It acts as the Council’s governing body and consists of the President, two Vice Presidents and a Treasurer (Officers), as well as ten further members (Ordinary Members). Officers and Ordinary Members serve for a three-year term of office and are eligible for subsequent re-election for the same position for one further term of office only. A retiring President remains a voting member of the Executive Committee until the next meeting of the General Assembly following his/her retirement as President.

The General Assembly, on recommendation of the Executive Committee, approves the appointment of the Executive Director, who heads the Council’s Secretariat, and serves as an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee and all appointed (standing or ad hoc) committees of the ISSC.

In fulfilling its tasks the Council is advised and guided by individuals from around the world who volunteer their time to serve on various ISSC Committees and Working Groups.