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World Social Science Fellows Programme

History and Objectives

With the World Socials Science (WSS) Fellows programme, the ISSC sets out to build a new generation of social science leaders who can create knowledge for solutions to global problems. A network of competitively selected early career social scientists will work on cutting edge social science together with senior scientists, policy makers and others to ask the questions that matter- and answer them.

Outstanding early career social scientists will be selected as World Social Science Fellows . They will work together with prominent social scientists, policy makers and practitioners, (local) NGO’s, and community activists during two-week seminars on topics related to some of the defining challenges of our time that have particular relevance to developing countries.

Beyond the seminars, the programme will provide fellows with tools to continue to work together on research and teaching projects and to stimulate the formation of durable South-South and North-South scientific networks. Material produced as a result of the Programme’s activities (including teaching resources) will be available in open access. The ISSC will also help to increase Fellows’ international visibility by involving them in its other activities, like the World Social Science Fora and the World Social Science Reports.

The programme, which was designed by the members of CoDATE, an ISSC Working Group on Developing and Transition Economies, started in February 2012. It is being supported for an initial period of four years by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).