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World Social Science Fellows Programme


An International Advisory Team will guide the design and implementation of the World Social Science Fellows programme. This team will:

  • Provide input on further programme design, including seminar format and activities
  • Review fellow applications and select World Social Science Fellows
  • Advise on the selection of  “global social science leaders”, seminar convenors (see below for more information on both) and seminar topics
  • Help ensure the involvement of local policy actors and community leaders in each seminar
  • Review and evaluate the work of the programme

The International Advisory Team will be appointed for an initial period of two years. This may be extended.

Each World Social Science Seminar will include as special guests two so-called global social science leaders.  ‘Leaders’ in this context refers to world renowned scholars who play a leading role in public reflections on global challenges.  They will be expected to participate actively in a World Social Science Seminar, by providing input to the design of its programme, giving lectures and participating in group discussions.

Seminar convenors will be senior social scientists with a track record in the field of study covered by the seminar. Pairs of convenors - one from the North and one from the South – will work together on planning and designing seminar programmes, directing and facilitating seminar proceedings, and managing practical arrangements and reporting requirements.

The World Social Science Fellows Programme is sponsored by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), but individual or series of seminars will be sponsored by other funders, for instance national funding agencies or research councils, national academies or other scientific organisations. Sponsors will be involved in the selection of seminar topics, global social science leaders and seminar convenors. The International Advisory Team will be responsible for ensuring that the selected topics, global social science leaders and convenors are in line with the programme’s overall objectives.