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75732 Paris Cedex 15

Tel: +33 (0)1 45 68 48 60
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Guidelines: How to apply for membership of the ISSC:

  1. Check that you are applying for the appropriate membership category (for the definition of each category, please see explanatory text below)
  2. Fill in the application form (and please note that, to be eligible for membership, your organisation must have been in existence for at least 5 years)
  3. Send the application form, preferably by e-mail, to the address shown on the form. Please also attach your organisation’s constitution or similar type of document, which clearly lists the organisation’s aims and objectives and indicates the status of its funding and expenditure.

Our response:

  1. If everything is clear, the ISSC will send you an invoice for the appropriate membership fee
  2. The ISSC will advise you on when its Executive Committee will formally consider and approve your membership

Membership categories, as defined in the ISSC constitution:

  • Member Associations: international, non‐governmental organisations, associations or unions representing the various social and behavioural sciences
  • Member Organisations: representative national social science councils and the corresponding sections of Academies of Sciences or analogous bodies, and representative regional social science organisations or councils
  • Member Institutions: not‐for‐profit bodies or institutions performing, funding or contributing significantly to research in the social, economic or behavioural sciences at a recognisable national, regional or global level
  • Associate Members: international, regional and national governmental and non‐governmental professional organisations whose association with the ISSC is not covered by the membership categories above but which would offer mutual advantages for the